A compilation of miscellaneous duets

suitable for soprano and tenor



Many of the duets listed here can be heard on the following CDs:

§ CD (double) Sweet Power of Song (
Felicity Lott - soprano, Ann Murray - mezzo soprano, Graham Johnson - piano)

¨ CD éternel Baisers (France Duval - mezzo, Bruno Laplante - baritone, Marc Joyal - piano)

© CD Les duos romantiques (Brigitte Fassbaender - mezzo, Hidenori Komatsu - baritone, Kurt Moll, bass, Cord Gaben - piano)


Aubert, Louis

Cache-cache §


Balfe, Michael

Trust her not §


Beethoven, Ludwig van

Odi l'aura (Lebensgenuss) op. 82 no. 5

Irish songs (duets with violin, violoncello and piano):

   - Sweet Power of Song (tenor and bass) §

   - Oh! Would I were but that sweet Linnet (soprano and tenor) §


Bohm, Carl

Duet for two voices and piano [Simrock, 1900]:

   1. An die Nacht

   2. Uebers Jahr

   3. Frülingsnacht

   4. Still wie die Nacht

Berlioz, Hector

La mort d'Ophélie (soprano and alto)

Le Montagnard exilé (soprano and mezzo)

Le Trébuchet (Deschamps) Op. 13 No. 3 (soprano and alto) (soprano and mezzo) § ¨

Pleure pauvre Colette (Bourgerie) (two sopranos) (two tenors) (soprano and mezzo) §

Prière du matin (Morning Hymn) (soprano and alto) ¨


Bordes, Charles

L'Hiver (soprano and tenor)


Brahms, Johannes

See separate page


Breville, Pierre-Onfroy de



Britten, Benjamin

Two ballads (1937): 2 voices and pianoforte:

   - Mother comfort (text Montagu Slater) §

   - Song ‘Underneath an abject willow’ (text W H Auden) §


Chaminade, Cécile

Barcarolle ¨

Les fiancés ¨


Chausson, Ernest

Op. 11 no. 1. La nuit (two high voices) § ¨
Op. 11 no. 2. Réveil (two high voices)
§ ¨


Cornelius, Peter

Heimatgedanken, op. 16, no. 1 ©
Verratene liebe
Ich und du
Drei zweistimmige Lieder, Op. 6

Der beste liebesbrief, op. 6, no. 2

Zu den Beren hebet sich ein AugenPaar ©


Daunais, Lionel

Chanson de Mathilda ¨

Duo du clin d'oeil ¨


Debussy, Claude

Chanson espagnole (two equal voices)

Églogue (soprano and tenor)

Diane au bois: comédie héroique (soprano and tenor) [fragment]

Notes on these last two unpublished works here.


Delibes, Léo

Les trois oiseaux (two sopranos or soprano and mezzo) §


Donaudy, Stefano
Amor s'apprende


Duparc, Henri

La fuite (soprano and tenor)


Dvořák, Antonín

See separate page


Fauré, Gabriel

Duets, op. 10:

  - Puisqu'ici-bas toute âme ... (two sopranos or soprano and tenor) ¨

  - Tarantelle (two sopranos) §

Pleurs d'or (soprano and tenor) op. 72 § ¨


These works are well out of copyright, despite the misleading warning about photocopying added to the first page by the French publisher Hamelle.


Graham Johnson says of Pleurs d'or that "the subtlety of writing for two voices and piano has seldom been surpassed". The original version, for soprano and tenor, is in F; there is also a transposition to E-flat for mezzo and baritone. The Flott / Murray recording does not work, in my opinion, despite beautiful singing, because the tenor line sung an octave up by Ann Murray is often above the soprano line.


Gounod, Charles

Barcarola (soprano and baritone)

D’un cœur qui t’aime (soprano and contralto) § ¨

La Siesta (Sous le feuillage) (high and medium voices) §

L'arithmétique (medium voices) §

Par une belle nuit! Les fleurs dorment (soprano and alto)

Chantons Noël ¨


Orion Music Reprints publish a neat, soft-covered reprint of the Barcarola (duet for soprano and baritone) at a very reasonable €5.50 for 9 pages of music, and they do not add the spurious copyright warnings beloved of the mainstream music publishers.

Haydn, Joseph

Guarda qui che lo vedrai (soprano and tenor) Hob. XXVa:1

Saper vorrei se m’ami (soprano and tenor) Hob. XXVa:2


Hüe, Georges

éternel Baisers ¨


Liszt, Franz

O Meer in Abendstrahl ©


Massenet, Jules

Chansons des Bois d'Amaranthe (incl. 1 duet)

Joie! (two sopranos) §

Le poéte et le fantôme (medium ranges)

Les fleurs (soprano and baritone)

Marine (high and medium voices)

Poëme d'Amour (5 mélodies & 1 duet)

Rêvons c'est l'heure (soprano and tenor) § ¨


Mendelssohn, Fanny (Fanny Henselt-Mendelssohn)

Wenn ich in deine Augen sehe (Heine)

Suleika und Hatem (Goethe) Op 8 No 12 (soprano and tenor)

Im wunderschönen Monat Mai (Heine)

Aus meinen Tränen sprießen (Heine)


These four duets by Fanny, sister of Felix, are available on Hyperion Compact Disc CDA67388, sung by Sophie Daneman (soprano) and Sarah Connolly (mezzo soprano) with Eugene Asti (piano).


The score of Suleika und Hatem is included in the Peters edition of (Felix) Mendelssohn's duets.


Mendelssohn, Felix

See separate page


Monpou, Hippolyte

Les champs (unknown duet; text by de Béranger)


Paladilhe, Émile

Au bord de l'eau (duettino) §


Poulenc, Francis

Colloque (soprano and baritone) ¨


Purcell, Henry (realised by Britten, Benjamin)

Celemene (soprano and tenor)

Dulcibella (soprano or tenor and bass)

When Myra sings (soprano or tenor and bass)

Sound the trumpet

Lost is my quiet for ever

What can we poor females do?


Quilter, Roger

It was a lover and his lass §

Weep you no more

Blossom time


It was a lover and his lass. The duet versions were written before the solo version (in E major), which simply omits the lower part. The first duet version was for soprano and contralto, in G major; the second in the same key for soprano and tenor, and the third version being the second transposed down to E major for mezzo and baritone. The version for soprano and tenor was published by Boosey in 1922.


Rossini, Gioachino

La regata veneziana (nocturne for two sopranos and piano)

La pesca (nocturne for two sopranos and piano) §

La serenata (nocturne for soprano, tenor and piano)

I marinai (duet for tenor, bass and piano)
Anzoleta co p
assa la regata
La promessa
Duetto buffo di due gatti


Rubinstein, Anton

12 Duets Op. 48: German titles (Russian in brackets)

   1. Der Engel (Angel) ©

   2. Sang das Vöglein

   3. Im heimischen Land

   4. Volkslied

   5. Wanderers Nachtlied (Gornyje vershiny) ©

   6. Beim Scheiden

   7. Die Nacht (Noch)

   8. Die Wolke

   9. Das Vöglein (Pela, pela ptashechka)

  10. Die Turteltaube und der Wanderer

  11. Am Abend

  12. Volkslied

6 Duets Op. 67: German titles:

   1. Lied der Vögelein

   2. Waldlied ©

   3. Frülingsglaube

   4. Vorüber

   5. Meeresabend

   6. Lied (Die Lotosblume - Heine) ©


Saint-Saëns, Camille

Le bonheur est chose légère

Duet from Nuit Persane, Op.26 Les Cygnes

El Desdichado ¨


Les Cygnes (Nuit Persane) Ton coeur (tenor & contralto)

Pastorale Ici les tendres oiseaux (soprano and baritone) ¨


Schubert, Franz

Hermann und Thusnelda : D 322

Antigone und Oedip : D 542

Cronnan : D 282

Sing-Übungen D 619

Selma und Selmar : D 286b

Licht und Liebe : Nachtgesang : D 352

Hektors Abschied : D 312b

Mignon und der  Harfner : D 877 no. 1 (3:58) , op. 62

Szene aus Faust : D 126b

Schubert - Duets from häuslichen Krieg & Zwillingsbrüdern (soprano and tenor)


Schumann, Robert

See separate page


Sullivan, Arthur

Coming home


Tchaikovsky, Pyotr

Six duets with piano accompaniment, Op. 46 (1880):

   1. Evening [Vecher] Text by Ivan Surikov (soprano and mezzo)

   2. Scottish Ballad (Edward) [Shotlandskaia ballada (Edvard)]. Text by Aleksei Tolstoi (soprano and baritone)

   3. Tears [Slezy] Text by Fedor Tiutchev (soprano and mezzo)

   4. In the Garden, By the ford [V ogorode, vozle brodu] Text by Ivan Surikov (soprano and mezzo)

   5. Passion Spent [Minula strast'] Text by Aleksei Tolstoi (soprano and tenor)

   6. Dawn [Rassvet] Text by Ivan Surikov (soprano and mezzo)


Vaughan Williams, Ralph

Dirge for Fidele

Fear no more the heat of the sun (soprano and alto)

It was lover and his lass (Shakespeare) (soprano and alto)


Vellones, Pierre

Deux poèmes de Paul Fort (mezzo-soprano and baritone):

   1. Chanson de Mars sous la neige

   2. Histoire de Chasse


Viardot-Garcia, Pauline

Three Duets (Brahms' Hungarian Dance)

Séparation (duet based on a mazurka by Chopin)


Weber, Carl Maria von

Acht Gesänge Op. 64 (Volkslieder Heft 2) (high and medium voices)

Sieben Gesänge Op. 54 (Volkslieder Heft 1) (medium voices)

Tre Duetti Op. 31 (two sopranos)


Widor, Charles

Six Duets (soprano and contralto) Op.30

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