Letters to newspapers and magazines on professional matters


The Guardian, 2 October 1984. Case of the disappearing Dounreay safeguards. [re Black Report on leukaemia, Cumbria] pdf


The Scotsman, 21 November 1996. Nirex.


The Scotsman, 3 December 1996. Nirex. pdf


The Scotsman, 6 December 1996. Nirex. pdf


New Scientist, 7 December 1996. Shaky argument (earthquakes in Cumbria). pdf


The Scotsman, 12 December 1996. Nirex. pdf


The Scotsman, 2 January 1997. Nirex. pdf


New Scientist, 19 July 1997, pp.53-54. Conflict of interest? [BGS relationship with Nirex]. pdf


The Guardian, Notes & Queries, 4 May 2000. What is the deepest ...?


The Whitehaven News, 6 October 2010. Nuclear waste: Scientist’s view on waste plans. pdf


The Keswick Reminder, 10 January 2013. Response from the two Professors to Alan Tyson. pdf


Nature, 28 March 2013. Nuclear-waste site geology is paramount. pdf

The Guardian, 9 June 2014. Fossil fuels, research funding and academic independence. pdf

Nature, 24 August 2017. Could fracking creep under the radar? pdf

Private Eye, 12 January 2018. Academic spat (letter about Quentin Fisher). pdf

Journal and newspaper interviews on professional matters

The Scotsman, 28 May 1991. An in-depth look at world secrets. [Kola project]. pdf

New Scientist, 6 January 1996. Sellafield's Trojan horse. pdf

The Observer, 7 January 1996. Sellafield dump plans 'flawed'. pdf

The Scotsman, 20 May 1996. Too hot to handle. pdf

Nature, 31 October 1996, pp. 751-2. Nuclear waste plans enter critical phase. pdf

The Herald, 11 November 1996. Geologists warn ... . pdf

The Herald, 12 November 1996. Fresh chapter in nuclear waste row. pdf

The Herald, 12 November 1996. 'Leaks will appear ... . pdf

The Herald, 2 December 1996. Scientists warn of leak danger. pdf

The Scotsman, 2 December 1996. Nuclear waste leak warning from scientist. pdf

The Independent on Sunday, 2 February 1997, Sellafield N-dump will leak, say inspectors. pdf

The Scotsman, 24 March 1997. Nuclear waste dump chiefs 'have got to go'. pdf

Dundee Courier & Advertiser, 24 March 1997. Nuclear waste agency should go - professor. pdf

Press & Journal Aberdeen, 24 March 1997. Nuclear agency gets a rocket ... . pdf

Whitehaven News, 2 October 2010. Top professor insists West Cumbria unsuitable. pdf

News & Star, 26 January 2013. 'It is irresponsible ...' pdf

Broadcast interviews on professional matters

BBC Radio 4 interview, ‘File on Four’, radioactive waste disposal, July 1996 (recorded).

BBC Radio 4 interview, ‘The World This Weekend’, Nirex’s future, Sun 23 March 1997 (recorded).

RTE Dublin live phone interview, ‘Morning Ireland’, UK radwaste policy, Mon 24 March 1997.

BBC Radio 4 interview, ‘File on Four’, radioactive waste disposal, recorded for broadcast 27 May 1997.

BBC local radio telephone recorded interview, radioactive waste disposal in East Anglia, recorded and broadcast 23 July 1997.

BBC TV ‘Look East’ regional news, recorded interview at BBC Scotland, radioactive waste disposal in East Anglia, recorded and broadcast 24 July 1997.

BBC Radio Scotland, 'Morning Call' discussion on fracking, 1 July 2014.

RT News, live interview via Skype, fracking, 24 June 2015.

Book review

Nature, May 1985, ‘The Geology of the Atlantic Ocean’. pdf

TV programme

Fragments of Britain. Open University TV programme, 1988. Crustal structure of the UK (excerpt on deep seismic reflection profiling)


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