From The Bridge by Iain Banks

(Macmillan, 1986)


'You know I had that damn record for three years before I realised Fay Fife's name was a pun; you know; 'Where are you from?' "Ah'm fay Fife." ' he told Stewart, shaking his head.

'Aye,' Stewart said, 'Ah ken.'

'God I'm so stupid sometimes,' he breathed, gazing sadly at his can of Export.

'Aye,' Steward noded. 'Ah ken.' he said, and rose to turn the album over.

He looked out through the window to the view of the town and the distant bare trees of the Glen. His watch said 2:16. It was getting dark already. He supposed they were near the solstice now. He drank some more.

Note from an old pedant: The mis-spelling of 'nodded' is in the original, as are lots of other typos. I scanned (and checked) the text from the paperback version (published by Abacus in 1989), which the printers evidently reset rather carelessly second time round.

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